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Visual Basic – Arithmetic Calculations

What is programming without calculations. In this tutorial we will use Arithmetic calculations to show how to add, subtract, multiply and divide in Visual basic. […]

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Visual Basic Tutorial – Strings and Integers

Visual basic is a good language to learn. It is somewhat outdated however many organisations still use it for their application needs. We will be […]

Packet Tracer Tutorial: WIFI networking configuration

In this tutorial we will learn how to create and configure a WIFI network in packet tracer. Its very simple and easy to manage. If […]

Packet Tracer Tutorial: Create FTP access with Server

In this tutorial we will cover how to add a server to the network we created in the Basic LAN tutorial and add a server […]

Packet Tracer Tutorial: Create a basic LAN

In this tutorial we will cover how to use CISCO packet tracer and create a basic LAN network. Packet tracer is simple to use when […]

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Python Selection – If statements

In every programming language you need to know these three very important parts of programming which are selection, iteration and sequence. These 3 parts of […]

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Python Basics – Print, Data types and comments

This tutorial will go over some very basics of python programming language Part one – Print and comments I know you guys are expecting a […]

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Getting started with python and pycharm tutorial

Welcome to the first Python programming tutorial. In this tutorial we will focus on getting python installed and also installing the Pycharm IDE to help […]

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C# Tutorial: Create a image slide show v1

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an interactive slideshow using C# in visual studio.  There will more versions of image slide show […]

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Create a Maths quiz game in visual studio using C# V1

Maths games are very popular and easy to learn. This game will challenge the user in a very different way. Instead of guessing the answer […]