HTML5, CSS and JS Tutorial – Create a simple portfolio website

Welcome to this tutorial, in this tutorial we will show how to create a simple Portfolio website with a contact page. The project files are available below you can download it and check how it was created. You can use any of the web development software to create this website. You can also use Notepad to create it. Every HTML and CSS files are only text based files which are then put in to a Browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera and it will compile the files to display them on to the screen. This website contains 5 Web Pages complete with pictures. We will be using a single CSS file to style the whole website.

Lesson Objectives –

  1. Create a full 5 page website
  2. Create web forms for contact page
  3. Create single CSS file to style the page
  4. Create a dynamic image gallery using JavaScript
  5. Browser the images with the next and previous button using JavaScript functions
  6. Create a videos page and embed videos from YouTube to the website
  7. Create a Hobbies page where you can list all the things you like doing outside of work
  8. Use various images and change their properties
  9. Create hover effects and use the new CSS Shadow property
  10. How to present a web design project for your school work

Download The Images For the Portfolio Website


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