Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOO ICT?

Moo ICT is an education website for students learning computing either in school, college or university. We create fun little tutorials that help understand programming in a practical and approachable way.  We concentrate mainly on creating fun little apps, games and gadgets that you can use and see your progress in. MOO ICT is a open source teaching and learning resource. All of the projects created are for educational purposes only. We want to make sure you get quality educational content from us.

What’s our mission?

The mission of MOO ICT is to provide free quality programming tutorials to people who are interested in learning programming. We want to continue to make fun and challenging projects that’s easy to understand and follow. We want to create a nice collection of fun programming projects covering a range of programming languages and frameworks.

Why teach computing?

Computing is huge subject and it needs to be explained in a simple way hopefully with some humor. Programming can seem to be very difficult and boring to a lot of people because it usually takes a while for you to feel like a professional however what we found, if you create small programs that work, it can give you a boost of confidence in trying out new and bigger projects.

I don’t know programming where shall I start?

You can start with any tutorial from this website. All of them are created so you don’t need previous knowledge or experience in programming to make them, each step are explained and screen shots are provided as supplements so you know where you are. Get cracking.

I have lots of errors, what do I do?

Firstly errors are the best way to learn from. Although we have planned and pre planned the tutorials and tested them it’s possible to get it wrong. Don’t feel like you have failed. Go back to the specific tutorial and see what was done there or the steps before it. If the problem continues and you are really in a pickle then leave a comment with the issue and we will see how to help you out from there.

Which programming language can we learn here?

C#, Visual Basic, Java script, HTML5 and other languages will be taught here. Follow the instructions on the tutorial and download the project files.

Will be the final project files be uploaded?

Yes. Each tutorial will have their own respected files included. We have our own GitHub Repository online where you can download the final project files. Link is on the home page.

How do I use the tutorials?

New Tutorials have a full video tutorial embedded in the page, you can play the video either on the website or use it on YouTube. Under the video the download links for the project related files are located and the full source code is also available in the same tutorial pages.

In the document imbedded tutorials there is a next and previous page button on the bottom of the embedded object. You can zoom in and out of the page too if required. We also have updated the embedded tutorials where you can simply scroll down the tutorials without clicking on the next and previous buttons.

Where is the full code for the projects?

There is a page number is presented on bottom of the tutorials. You can go on page 2 for the full code of the project. The code if presented in appropriate format to help you understand. Most of the tutorial have the code given in the tutorials page but some of our more detailed tutorials will have a separate page for the full codes embedded into the website.

Is there anything to buy?

Nope. There is nothing to buy from this website. All the tutorials and information provided are free. We may support ads to help us with the domain and server costs.

Why does my browser gets really slow loading the tutorials?

Sometimes it can be slower in other browsers but 99% of the time it works fine. However if you are experiencing lags on the tutorial, use Mozilla FireFox browser or any other to view the tutorials.

Can I use any of the tutorials as my course project or course work?

You are allowed to learn from these tutorials but not allowed to directly use them as your course work. We are providing these tutorials as a mean to learn programming and computer science but they are not indented to be used as your direct course work or assignment.

Where are the source code?

All the source code is available in each of the project tutorial pages. You can navigate the project tutorial pages by looking for the page numbers end of the page and go to the full source page there, or some of them will have 1 full page tutorial where you can simply scroll down to find the source code you are looking for.

This Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page is showing on my tutorial page?

For some of the tutorials we use a specialised PDF reader on this website which gets updated sometimes to help with performance and security. This may come up on your web page if you visited the website before the update happened. You can clear your browser history and refresh the page and it should load the tutorial correctly.