HTML and CSS Tutorial Creating Mobile and PC Display for a website

Welcome to this new tutorial from MOOICT. In this tutorial we will discuss the important of why we should make a mobile view on our website and a pc view.

For the longest time we all took PC display of websites for granted because we didn’t need any other. Since 2007 that all changed. Why you may ask? it’s because the Iphone and a BIG touch screen was introduced. Plus there is more touch screen phones now in circulation than any PC or other devices in the world, let that sink in. People are buying, selling, playing, chatting and more important looking for new content on their mobile. ┬áThis tutorial will show how to create an effective method which makes your website look good on both PC and Mobile. We have went through few variations of the tutorial to find the right method which makes it easy to understand.

Lesson Objectives –

  • Identify how to create an effective display for Mobile devices
  • Using @media query from CSS3
  • Using a single CSS file which controls both control view
  • Using the Google Chrome or Firefox developer mode to view the web page on the both PC and Mobile responsive mode.

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