WPF C# Tutorial – Create a Snakes and Ladders Game in Visual Studio

Hello and welcome to this tutorial. This this tutorial we will make a snakes and ladders game in visual studio using WPF and C#. In this game you will click on the board to move the player and after the player makes a move the CPU will make its move too. You will move between 1 and 6 steps. The player and CPU will move to the numbered location on the board and If you land on bottom of the ladder you move up to where the ladder ends and if you land on the mouth of the snake then you will go down to where the tail ends.

You will win by making it to the top of the board before the CPU. One important rule of the game is that if you are on the top you will need the exact number of steps before you can make it to the end. Lets say you are on 97 in that case you will need to roll a 3 or below to move forward, if you roll anything bigger than that you will pass your round to the CPU and the same rules apply to the CPU.

Lesson Objectives –

  • Create a fun Snakes and Ladders Game in Visual Studio using WPF and C# programming
  • Use different variables to make this work such as Rectangles, Integers, Boolean and more
  • Create the UI inside of the XAML code first and the move on the C# Programming
  • Inside the C# programming code the timer event and mouse click event to add interactivity to the game
  • Use custom functions such as set up game, restart game, move pieces and more
  • Use sprite sheets to dynamically generate the game board and interact with it inside of the game
  • Play with the CPU as you are progressing through the game
  • Create logic to interact with the snakes and ladders inside of the game


Video Tutorial –


Download the snakes and ladders game images here


Xaml Code –

Above is the XAML Code for the snakes and ladders game, this part of the code deals with the games UI and events links.

First we set up the height to 800 and width to 800 for the main window then we have a canvas set up inside of this and we are adding some options to the canvas properties such as name, background and mouse left button down event.

Inside of the canvas we set up the labels and images to show the top title label, information label, player and opponent label as well as showing the icons that represent the player and CPU.


C# Code –

C# Code for this snakes and ladders game is fully commented below, so all of the explanations for what each line of code is doing in the game is shown in the comments.




2 responses to “WPF C# Tutorial – Create a Snakes and Ladders Game in Visual Studio”

  1. Chibuzor Olumor says:

    A few of the lines where marked red after the whole exercise and that’s my only headache, although am still trying to compare my lines with yours line by line to know where I started getting it wrong

  2. Mastervovo says:

    How can I make this a 2 player game?

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