Create flappy bird game in Visual Studio using C#

This tutorial shows how to create a flappy bird game in Visual Studio. You will need Microsoft Visual Studio to follow this tutorial. You will learn how object collision works in C# and how to animate objects using few variables.

Update – New WPF C# version of Flappy Bird Tutorial is now available.

In this tutorial you will learn

  1. How to use picture box in visual studio
  2. How to use functions in C#
  3. How to use events in C# and Visual Studio
  4. How to use keyboard event in C#
  5. How to use timer event in C#
  6. Creating and detecting object collision in C#

Watch the full video tutorial –

Download the flappy bird resource to follow through this tutorial.
Download Windows Form Flappy Bird Game Project on MOO ICT GitHub


Source code of the game is below, the code is explained in the comments for this game for each line.


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