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Create flappy bird game in Visual Studio using C#

This tutorial shows how to create a flappy bird game in Visual Studio. You will need Microsoft Visual Studio to follow this tutorial. You will learn how object collision works in C# and how to animate objects using few variables.

Update – New WPF C# version of Flappy Bird Tutorial is now available.

In this tutorial you will learn

  1. How to use picture box in visual studio
  2. How to use functions in C#
  3. How to use events in C# and Visual Studio
  4. How to use keyboard event in C#
  5. How to use timer event in C#
  6. Creating and detecting object collision in C#

Watch the full video tutorial –

Download the flappy bird resource to follow through this tutorial.

Follow the step by step tutorial below:


Full code for the game is in page 2.

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