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C# Tutorial – Create a Tic Tac Toe game and play against AI Opponent

In this tutorial we will learn to create a tic tac toe game in visual studio using C# programming language. We did another tic tac toe tutorial with a working AI and in there we did mention to create another with more randomised AI movement. In this tutorial we will use some of the elements from before and few news one too for example we will use LIST variable where we will include all of the playable buttons in there and choose one randomly when then AI makes a move. We have created another Tic Tac Toe Game Tutorial in C# and Visual Studio before you can try that one to see the difference.

Lesson Objectives –

  1. Create a Tic Tac Toe game in Visual Studio using C# programming language
  2. Use Buttons, Timers and Labels to create this game
  3. Use Functions, If Statements and Loops to make the game work
  4. Use List<> in C# and Dynamically add and remove items from it
  5. Create custom functions to suit the games purpose
  6. Create an Artificial Intelligence Opponent to play with
  7. Use the C# Random Class to select random buttons in the game
  8. Keep score for both Player and AI

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