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C# Tutorial – Create a helicopter flying and shooting game in visual studio

In this tutorial we will create a fun little helicopter game in visual studio. You will be flying the helicopter which can shoot at UFO’s while dodging obstacles. You can control the helicopter by pressing up and down to shoot press the space bar. We will create this full project using Visual Studio and C# programming language. All the game assets are available below so make sure you download it to follow along this tutorial.

Lesson Objectives –

  1. Create a full action arcade game
  2. Keeping score in the game and displaying to the output
  3. Using selection methods to achieve results in the game
  4. Using FOR EACH loop to track, animate and remove bullets from the game
  5. Using various components in Windows Form to create a game
  6. Using KEY DOWN and KEY UP events
  7. Commenting in the code to enhance understanding


Full Video Tutorial


Download the helicopter flying and shooting game assets here


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  1. Vakovsky says:

    ufo.Top = rand.Next(0, ClientRectangle.Height – ufo.Height);

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