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C# Tutorial – Create a Motivational Quotes Viewer Application in Visual Studio

In this tutorial we will create a fun little application for Microsoft Windows using Visual Studio. You can use any version of visual studio to follow along with this tutorial. We are creating a Motivational Quotes viewer. The logic behind this application is that we want to open a TEXT file, load it to the program and populate a list item with the contents of the text file and then when we select an item from the list viewer we want it to be presented nicely on the screen with custom background (the UI) and font. We are using Visual Studio 2017 version, you can use any version to achieve the same result.

Lesson Objectives –

  1. Create a fully working application in Visual Studio
  2. Load text files in C# and windows form
  3. Use an open dialog option
  4. Use custom font for the program
  5. Load custom font and background image to application
  6. Debug the application to see if it meets the requirement

Download The Motivation Quotes Viewer Application Here


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