How to test software using a test table

Once your own app or software is completed whats next? Is it time to release it to the world so everyone can enjoy and compliment your accomplishment? NO. Every developer knows once a project is completed its time to test it, you might be saying that I’ve already tested my software and everything works why I have to test it again? Well its because Quality Assurance. Making sure your application is stable¬†and all of functionalities are working.

You may have heard the line quality over quantity this cannot be more true in software testing, there are massive industry growing right now in game testing and high paying jobs are available for people who are qualified to do it.  Just look at the national career services website for game tester job.

In this tutorial we will show to test your own application. We have selected our UCAS calculator application as the test subject. You can follow the tutorial on how to create it, This tutorial is aimed at the beginners, there will more comprehensive testing methods discussed in the future.



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