C# Tutorial – Create a Scary Maze Game in Visual Studio

We are creating simple scary maze game in visual studio using c# programming language. The original scary maze game is awesome but it was made in Adobe Flash using Action Script Programming Language, its similar to Javascript but has its own events, classes and object manipulations. This game is simple note:  for this tutorial you can follow as we have created the game level or you can choose to create your own.

The game is simple, you simple follow the path using the mouse cursor, if you are out of it then GAME OVER, if not you can continue until getting to the end and let’s face it all you want to do is scare the player so that is exactly what we are going to do in this tutorial.

Lesson Objectives –

  • Create a simple scary maze game in visual studio
  • Assigning background images to the form
  • Importing and using WAV sound files in the resources
  • Create independent start game and end game functions
  • Use of picture boxes
  • Use of mouse hover event on picture boxes and forms
  • Create a separate form and make it full screen for that extra punch of SCARE
  • Play Looping audio files in C# (ambient background music )
  • Play one time playing audio Files in C# (Scream sound)

Video Tutorial

Download the Scary Maze game resources (Images and Sound Files)

Start a new project in visual studio. Choose a Windows Form Application under the C# programming language.

call the project scaryMaze. Click OK.

This is the first view of the project. We have only one Form in this project so far.

Check the properties window and set the size of the form to 719, 708.

Change the text of the form to Scary Maze Game. This option will change the title of the form so instead of stating Form1 it will now say Scary Maze Game.

Check the background image option and click on the three dots …

This window will show up. While you have project resource file option selected click on Import.

If you have downloaded the resources from mooict.com website then we can continue to the next step, if you haven’t click on the link above this tutorial and download the require resources.

We have two images here, first one is for the background of this form and scary eyes image will be used later in this project. For now select both and click on open.

From the list select background and click ok

Now go back to the properties window and check the option background image layout and change it to stretch. This will stretch the image to the size of this form.

This is what the new form now looks like. Well done.

From the toolbox select the picture box picture and drag it to the screen.

This is the new picture box on the screen.

You can copy and paste the same picture box and make the shapes as you see above, we simply used the same picture and stretched in various places to make it look like a puzzle. Note – you can make up your own puzzle, but make sure they are all picture boxes. Let’s move on to add another component to the game.

Find the button component in the tool box.

drag and on the first picture we added to the form.

while the button is selected go to the properties window and change the Text of the button to Start.

Now you might of noticed we have 2 audio files in the resources you downloaded earlier. We will add them to this project now.

Look at the solutions explorer, under the properties options you will find Resources.resx this is where all the resources are kept. Lets double click on it.

Now here you can see the two images we imported earlier.

Click on the add resource drop down and click on add existing file.

Change the file type to Audio and you will be able to find both audio files in the folder.

Highlight them both and click open.

Now they both been added to the resources. Press CTRL + S to save the resources file.

Go back to the solutions explorer and right click on the scaryMaze -> Add -> Windows Form

call this form Scare and click add.

This is the new form.

Change the text option in the properties window to Scare.

Same as before, look at the properties window and click on the three dots on the background image option.

Click on the scary eyes image and click on.

Under the background image layout and change it to Stretch.

This is what the form looks like. Now we will make this form full screen when we want to scare the player for now leave it this size. Now find a BUTTON in the toolbox and drag to the form.

This is the button we dragged to the Scare Form.

Change the text of this button to Exit. Since this form will be full screen we need a way for the user to go back to the puzzle.

Time to add the code for this game. Let’s go back to the Form1, right click on the form and click on View Code or F7

This is the first view of the code. These codes are done by default and we will add our own in there, follow the tutorial thoroughly.

Lets start by adding our sound player to the code.

This line code is using the system sound player. We are creating new instance of this sound player and calling it player. We will be able to direct the sound files we imported earlier in the project and play it on the form. This same sound file will be used to play the background music and the scream sound.

Lets go back to the form and add a few events

Click on that little lightning bolt icon in the properties window. This will open the events list. These events can be added to the project. For now we are interested in the Mouse Hover event.

Name this event endGame and press enter.

Come back to the form and click on the start button.

Go back to the events properties by clicking on the lightning bolt icon.

find the click properties and type start and press enter.

Let’s go back to the form once more and add the last event for this game.

This mouse over event will be added to the last picture box of the puzzle, when the play is on top of that one we will bring out the scare form.

This is our last picture box in the puzzle.

add the event called ScarePlayer and press enter.

Below is the code so far in the code view.

This is the code so far. you can see that both of the events are added to the code. Lets add some instructions inside them now.

this is the code for end game event. This will run when the player hovers over the form and not the picture box. This will run a separate function called reset. If there are red lines under the code so far don’t panic we are going to declare this function soon in the code, follow along.

This is the start event from the button. This function will disable the button when its clicked and run the Start Game function.

This is the Start Game function.

We are running a for each loop in this function to indentify the picture boxes. When we find these picture boxes we will enable them and then change their back colour to sky blue.

We will also then play our background music. notice the player.Stream option being declared in this function. This line of code refers back to when we identified the sound player earlier in the code. We are linking this player to the music file from the resources folder and then we are playing this sound file in loop.

This is the reset function, this function will run the when the player has gone off the puzzle, this function will enable the start button, stop the music and then run a loop which will disable all of the picture boxes on the form and change their background colours to black.

This is the final event in this code. This mouse hover event will run when the player hovers over the last picture box and it will open the Scare form we created earlier. When this function runs it will create an instance of the scare form we are calling it full screen and then we are allowing the full screen form to show on display.

Double check the code here to make sure you haven’t missed anything and then let’s move to the Scare form.

In this scare form we have one exit button, lets add a exit event to this button.

Click on the Exit button

Find the Click option in the events properties, type exit and press enter.

This is the view of the scare form code so far.

Public Scare() function add the following code inside it.

First we are making space after the line Intialize Component () this is a very important function for windows form so lets have that run first and then we add our own.

Full Screen Code Explanation:

This means we are aiming at Scare window. So by citing THIS the following will only be applied to the form we currently working on. Window State we are leaving as Normal.

We are changing the border style of the form to NONE, this means it will not have the minimize, maximize or CLOSE option on top. Hence why we need that button.

We are checking the primary screen size height and width and we will cover it with this form.

Playing sound –

These three lines you have seen in the last form, only different here is instead of using PlayLooping we are playing it only once with the Play() option. We have also changed the background music to scare sound for this.

In this exit function enter this line. This.Close() will run the close function which will close the form. Since it doesn’t have the windows close on the top right corner we will use our own to allow the user to close this form.


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