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C# Tutorial – Create a Scary Maze Game in Visual Studio

We are creating simple scary maze game in visual studio using c# programming language. The original scary maze game is awesome but it was made in Adobe Flash using Action Script Programming Language, its similar to Javascript but has its own events, classes and object manipulations. This game is simple note:  for this tutorial you can follow as we have created the game level or you can choose to create your own.

The game is simple, you simple follow the path using the mouse cursor, if you are out of it then GAME OVER, if not you can continue until getting to the end and let’s face it all you want to do is scare the player so that is exactly what we are going to do in this tutorial. hehehe

Lesson Objectives –

  • Create a simple scary maze game in visual studio
  • Assigning background images to the form
  • Importing and using WAV sound files in the resources
  • Create independent start game and end game functions
  • Use of picture boxes
  • Use of mouse hover event on picture boxes and forms
  • Create a separate form and make it full screen for that extra punch of SCARE
  • Play Looping audio files in C# (ambient background music )
  • Play one time playing audio Files in C# (Scream sound)

Download the Scary Maze game resources (Images and Sound Files)


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