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C# Tutorial – Create a Superhero Memory Game

In this tutorial we are going to create a full memory/matching game using superhero images. This tutorial is an advanced tutorial so it would be advantageous to go through some other tutorials before trying this one. However we have made sure you can follow it just as easily as others but its not just about making something work its about understanding the process.  This project is being developed in Visual Studio 2015 using the C# programming language. Everything is explained in detail please make sure you follow along accurately and feel free to double check your work if you are unsure of any elements while in development.

Lesson outcomes

  • Creating a full memory/matching game in visual studio using c# programming language
  • Using Picture Boxes
  • Using Picture Box Array
  • Using Vectors
  • Using Windows Form Events such as click and timer event
  • Detecting and assigning tags to picture boxes dynamically
  • Using Loops to detect active components in a Windows Form
  • Creating a count down timer for the game
  • Restarting the game once its been completed

Download the image resources for the memory game


One response to “C# Tutorial – Create a Superhero Memory Game”

  1. Jean Melkovsky says:

    var ssTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(time);
    What does this line do? The ssTime variable is not used anywhere in the code, is it? After I commented this line, the program compiled and run as intended, I didn’t notice any changes.

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