Visual Basic Tutorial – Create a Binary Calculation Game

Welcome to this visual basic tutorial. We will be making a binary calculation game visual studio 2010. In this game we will be allowing the user to select from 0 to 1 in a combo box and then we will check the to see if their calculations are correct. If they don’t get the answer right, then we will just add a number to the retry option. We will be using for loops, events, if statements and functions in this project so pay attention to the details.

In this lesson you will learn

  1. Use combo drop down menu to select from 0 to 1
  2. Use loops to find which combo box is active
  3. To protect the combo boxes so users cannot cheat
  4. How to add values to a string using a loop
  5. Ask random question to player and make them match the number in binary
  6. Check if the answer is right then present a new question
  7. Check if the answer is wrong then add 1 to the tried option
  8. Show the actual binary number on screen
  9. Show the denary/decimal number on the screen
  10. Show message box
  11. Reset the combo boxes
  12. Using independent functions and recall them multiple times.

For the full code go to Page 2 of this tutorial.




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