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C# Tutorial Create a Rock Paper and Scissors Game

Welcome to this exciting new tutorial. Today we will create a simple rock paper and scissor game in Visual Studio and C#. It’s going to be a very straight forward tutorial for you to follow.  We will be creating a simple AI – Artificial intelligence for this game which will play alongside the user and determine whether you won or lost a round.

Lesson objectives –

  1. Create simple GUI interface for rock, paper and scissors game
  2. Use picture boxes to load various images for the game
  3. Use button events
  4. Use timer event / start and stop timer event according to the requirement
  5. Calculating each player rounds
  6. Determine who won the game
  7. Input player Name
  8. Use that name to display on the form
  9. Use visual basic framework inside of C# – make the different programming language communicate with each other
  10. Show help screen form for user accessibility

Download the images here for the rock paper and scissors game

Video Tutorial is here –



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