Visual Basic Tutorial – Create a currency converter v2

Hi, Welcome to this detailed tutorial about how to create a Currency Converter using visual basic programming language. We will be using visual studio 2010 version you can use any version of this software to follow this tutorial. We have created a detailed step by step guide to help you create and debug a fully working currency converter app. We have done another tutorial on currency converter in which are able to convert different currencies using the radio button. This one will use a different GUI to achieve a similar result.

In this lesson we will cover

  1. How to create a fully working currency tutorial in visual studio using visual basic
  2. Enter custom currency conversion rates
  3. Using double data type and click events
  4. Using buttons, text boxes and labels
  5. Using multiple Forms
  6. Using Classes in visual basic
  7. Following the complete code using Flow charts and Algorithms to enhance the understanding of code written

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