CCleaner Alternative or Replacement – BleachBit

I know what you are thinking, what is this? why even am I reading this? Well you know exactly why after years of solid service CCleaner is starting to get a little unreliable. I recently started to have issues with my CCleaner where its giving me the cold shoulder of “Not Responding” and freezing mid way.  I’m sure the developers of CCleaner is working at the issue and hopefully it will be sorted out soon meanwhile we have a alternative solution for you. Its called BleachBit ( Its a free open source disk cleaner software.

I’ve used it on my Ubuntu operating system it worked like a charm and since my CCleaner is broken this the perfect tool for the job.

bleachbit screen shot


Free and open source

Huge community of service

Always updating new stuff

Small and fast application

Hopefully you found this post helpful you can now go enjoy and delete those cookies.

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