C# Programming Learning Plan

General Help

A crib sheet with all of the basic C# commands and some help, this will be essential in your career with any C# programming.

Crib Sheet- Basic Commands

Follow the learning plan below, making sure to pay attention to the theory components as well as the practical ones and linking them with your practice. If you can’t understand how it works and links in read through again and try making small changes, this is a great way to learn.


  1. Setup- ensure Visual Studio is installed and is at least version 2015 or above (others are not forwards compatible). Visual Studio Community is a full featured version of the IDE for use by students and small businesses. Ensure that when you install the .New desktop development options are installed and that C# is chosen.
  2. Hello world
  3. variables (calculator) – Use windows form to create a very simple calculator that can be extended simply. Variables are simply stores of data.
  4. Variable and Data types theory – This will help explain the different data types that can be used to categorise data stored. Write definitions in a table for these and add examples as you use them.
  5. Selection iteration functions– Read through This post on selection iteration and function theory and try to summarise it in your own words. Once that is done complete the below tutorials.
    • selection – Using windows forms again to create a guessing game that checks values, selection will be used in quite a lot of our programs in the upcoming lessons.
    • Iteration (For loops) – Uses a for loop to demonstrate the adding up of numbers a certain number of time.


  1. UCAS calculator – This tutorial creates a calculator that shows the link between grades and UCAS points (on the old scale) try to update it for the new scale of UCAS.
  2. Caesar cipher  This tutorial creates an encryption tutorial that uses loops to change the text that is input similar to old fashioned cyphers. It is a good intermediate tutorial to start with.
  3. YouTube player – This tutorial shows how to create a simple program that allows you to add and select YouTube videos within a windows program. This is also one of your first introductions to Menus and Events.                 Edit: you will need to look at Youtube player in Webview to get this working. You should try to combine the two to get a working youtube player with menus and events.
  4. slideshow– One of a few slideshow tutorials on here this again uses some slightly more advanced techniques to create a slideshow that can auto progress over time. Search Moo for others.
  5. Events and Event driven programming – read through the terms that are explained here, some are familiar, others new.
  6. Encryption – This tutorial uses a number of more advanced features of the C# library to create a more advanced encryption system, something not unlike that used on the internet.
  7. Games- there are a number of basic games to be made on here, within C# and within Unity which also uses C#. A lot of these use many of the things we’ve looked at and will help you develop them. Go from here to test, adapt and create anew.

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