C# Tutorial – YouTube Video Player in Web View

In this tutorial we will cover how to create a YouTube player in C# using Web View. In our last tutorial we looked at how to create a YouTube player using FLASH and ACTIVEX OBJECTS, which is awesome but it’s always good to know more ways to do something. So what is web view. Is basic terms it’s a simple web browser built into C# / Visual Studio can be used as an object and has its own properties we can modify. Full code for the tutorial is available in next page.

Note – You can follow this tutorial but please note Google has stopped supporting flash on their youtube videos. The videos might not play. We have another tutorial on creating a youtube alarm clock and thats been tested with the new framework and it works well.

Lesson outcomes:

  1. How to use web browser in C#
  2. How to dynamically embed YouTube in C#
  3. How to use a drop down menu
  4. How to link a drop down menu and a button in C#
  5. How to view multiple videos in C# using the web browser
  6. How to embed HTML in the web browser using C#

Full Code for this project is on the next page.

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