C# Tutorial Create a text Caesar Cipher encryption application

Welcome to this tutorial for creating an encryption app in C#. We will be using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and C# language. This is a windows form application so we can use buttons, labels and text boxes.

We are going to recreate an ancient encryption technology in our program, the technology is called Caesar Cipher its been used by the Great Julius Caesar of Rome who used to hide or encrypt his messages so when the messenger is caught in battle no one but himself can read those messages thus his victory was assured or so it was presumed then.

Here is a video done by the Khan Academy explaining the Caesar Cipher in excellent detail.  Check it out –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMOZf4GN3oc

Full code for the program is on page 2

Lesson Objectives

  1. Create a simple windows form application in C# and visual studio
  2. Create a custom function for the encryption process
  3. Pass values to custom functions and events
  4. Use a character variable
  5. Use character array to help us shift the letters
  6. Covert data types
  7. Using for loops
  8. Returning value from a function
  9. Creating multiple forms
  10. Giving the user a help screen to understand how to use this application.



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