C# Tutorial Create your own Speed Reading Software

Welcome to this exciting tutorial where we will create own Speed Reading Software. If you don’t what it is, let’s get to know it.

Speed reading is a number of techniques which allows us to read faster. Traditional ways of reading is good but we are always looking out for better ways to read. There are various software which helps with this process for example www.speeder.com or www.spritz.com. These websites take a whole article and separate them into words and each word comes up on the screen one at a time. You can control the speed of words. Few software are available which trains people to read faster which is awesome but for this tutorial we will focus on RSVP (Rapid serial visual presentation) functionalities. For more information you can read on RSVP here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapid_serial_visual_presentation


Full code for this project is available on page 2.

Learning Objectives –

  1. Use multiple forms to view data
  2. Use text box and split them into single string
  3. use arrays and calculate the array length
  4. change timer intervals to give options on the speed of the words appearing on screen
  5. Get rid of space and white spaces in a article to present the information for easier comprehension
  6. using buttons and events in visual studio
  7. Change the close event in a form to reduce errors
  8. Using combo boxes to change the speed of reading on screen
  9. Using Booleans between forms and establishing communication
  10. Using multi condition if statements
  11. Improving user experience by fixing common bugs in the software

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