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C# Tutorial – Create a Zombie Survival Shooting Game in Visual Studio

Full Form1.cs code –


bullet.cs – bullet class full code


10 responses to “C# Tutorial – Create a Zombie Survival Shooting Game in Visual Studio”

  1. Michael says:

    Hey there i really like this code and ive typed it exactly how you have but for some reason the code ” foreach (Control x in this.Controls)”
    doesnt seem to wkr very well its fine until after the code “”((PictureBox)x).Dispose();// dispose the picture box completely from the program
    ammo += 5;// add 5 ammo to the integer”

    then after that every single x has a red line under it and it says “The name ‘x’ does not exist in the current context” please help

  2. Anhar Ali says:

    Hi Michael, I’m glad you found this tutorial helpful. The x variable is stored in the for each loop line “foreach (Control x in this.Controls)
    {“. This line is starting a for each loop and we are using x as the control method to find the picture boxes. Check if you wrote the for each loop correctly in this context.

  3. Albin K says:

    Visual studio gives me a warning when I type ” x.Tag == “ammo” ” and for some reason whenever I press the “up” key the game pulls me to the top and I get stuck. I can move to the left or right but I can’t go down. The version of Visual Studios that I’m using is 2015.

  4. Syed Jawad Asghar says:

    my zombie sprites are not moving and game is not getting over i have done exactly what is done in tutorial but it not working please help with this. i am using visual studio 2015

  5. IceAndFire says:

    tnx so much, i wanted to make this type of game so long time, i never knew how, thanks so much sir

  6. Mạnh Đỗ says:

    Hi, I really love your tutorials, but may I want to ask you something: Can I make a scoreboard or save high scores ?

  7. tal says:

    what is lt ? its not in the variables…… on the bullet class if (Bullet.Left & lt; 16 || Bullet.Left & gt; 860 || Bullet.Top & lt; 10 || Bullet.Top & gt; 616)

  8. Tim says:

    thx for the tutorial. it was very usefull in getting the basics down. Ima making a game during my post college boredom 🙂

    Sept 2019

  9. Muwux says:

    Hi, how would you add health? I got added but “health” forever spawn.

  10. milk says:

    Hi, i got an error like this ” possible unintended reference comparison to get a value comparison cast the left hand side to ‘string’ ” in foreach (Control x in this.Controls) and foreach (Control j in this.Controls). Please help me

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