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C# Tutorial – Create a Platform Drop-Down Game

In this tutorial, we will create a classic drop down game, the main purpose of this game to last in the game play for as long as you can without reaching the top or falling to the bottom. This game is fully created in Visual Studio using C# programming and we did not use any of the extra game engines or external classes.

Lesson Objective –

  • Creating a fully working game in Visual Studio using C#
  • Use of picture boxes
  • Use of labels
  • Using keyboard events for left or right
  • Artificially creating gravity for the player
  • Using loops in the component controls
  • Animating multiple picture boxes together in a loop
  • Using a high score system to see what you scored in the last session of the game.


Full code for this project is on page 2

3 responses to “C# Tutorial – Create a Platform Drop-Down Game”

  1. Jean Melkovsky says:

    Thank you for your wonderful tutorials! The only thing is that where you say the label should be dragged and dropped to the panel, you obviously mean to the form. Otherwise, everything works perfectly.

  2. Anhar Ali says:

    Thank you for the feedback. ?

  3. nyihtwe says:

    How to add restart game function

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