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WPF C# Tutorial – Create Parallax Scrolling Endless Runner Game in Visual Studio

Adding the images

First right clickson the NAME for this project i.e Endless Runner Game in the solutions explorer, hover over add and click on NEW FOLDER option

wpf c# parallax endless runner game tutorial how to add images to wpf project

Rename this new folder to images, now right click on the images folder, hover over ADD and click on Existing Item.

wpf c# parallax endless runner game tutorial selecting and adding images to this game

Browser to the folder where you extracted the ZIP file with all of the images inside of it, change the file type to Image Files in the browser dialog box. Highlight all of the pictures and click on ADD. Once you have done that all of the images should appear inside the solutions explorer.

Note – if you are concerned about when we are going to add the images to these shapes, do not worry just yet. All of those will be done through the C# script. We will dynamically add the images to these rectangles when the game is compiling. Follow along the tutorial for now and you will see how it’s done.

Adding Events

We need to add the events for the key down and key up functions we added to the XAML code earlier. Visual studio automatically adds these functions in the C# we just have to click. Let see how its done.

wpf c# parallax endless runner game tutorial adding events to this game

Right click on the Canvas_KeyDown keyword in the XAML window and click on Go to Definition this will add the event inside of the C# script. Do the same for the Canvas_KeyUp keyword. When you have done your C# script should look like the screen below.

wpf c# parallax endless runner game tutorial typing the events in c# programming language

Both of the events are now added to the game.

Go to Page 3 to start adding variables

Comment on this tutorial and let us know how you got on -

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