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WPF C# Tutorial – Create a Flappy Bird Game in Visual Studio

Full Source Code for WPF C# Flappy Bird Game

Below the is the full source for the flappy bird game, make sure you have the spelling corrected for the code and take your time typing it up. Its ok to copy some of it but it will not help you with your understanding of the process or the commands. We aim to make simple and quick tutorials that can help you broaden your understanding in technical subjects such as programming. Let us know how you get on with it. Until then Moo Out.


2 responses to “WPF C# Tutorial – Create a Flappy Bird Game in Visual Studio”

  1. Дарья Марахова says:

    Thank you very much from Russia! You are amazing web-teacher!) I loved it!

  2. jwnolan says:

    I had some trouble because I named my project something else, but once I fixed that it worked great! Great tutorial!

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