C# Tutorial – Create a Sprites Animated Crystal Hearts Particle Effect In .Net Windows Form and Visual Studio

Hi in this tutorial we will make a very cute looking small application using windows forms, c# and visual studio. The purpose of this application is to animate small crystal hearts using separate images in windows form and spawn them as animated particles that travel from bottom of the screen to the top.  Animating objects with separate images has its benefits of giving more control the animators to time the animation and also to save some memory in the process. Instead of loading one large file to the program and showing that animation its more effective to load smaller static files and changing them dynamically in the program so it looks like a animation. This is what we will accomplish in this tutorial. We will load different static images of this animated heart and then show that individually on the screen at a set interval so making it look like a smooth animation. Plus point here is we will not just animate one heart image on the screen we will animate 50 at the same time and they will be moving across the screen smoothly.

Lesson Objective –

  1. Create a sprite animated particle application in windows form and c#
  2. load sprites from a folder and animate them using paint and timer event
  3. use object oriented programming to create a heart class and specify the instructions for each object inside of the class
  4. Spawn the hearts outside of the form and animate them moving to top of the screen
  5. Relocate the hearts when they reach top of the screen to animate again

Video Tutorial


Download the heart images and the background here


Source Code Form 1 –


Source Code Heart Class –

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