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C# Tutorial – Create a Save The Eggs Item Drop Game in Visual Studio

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a Item Drop game. The idea for this game is for the player to control an object in bottom of the screen and for items to drop from top of the screen. The player will be able to move left and right and player will also be able to catch the items drop from the drop. Play scores if they catch an item and scores deduct if they miss. The also will have speed up function where after a certain amount of points the drops will become faster this making the game more challenging. We will be using Visual Studio and C# programming language to create this game. All the assets are created for this game and you can download them below.  You can change the graphics to suit your own design but for us we thought it would be funny to make a save the eggs theme item drop game. You get the idea let’s get started.

Updated – New Tutorial – Create a item drop style game with WPF and C# – Save the Presents in visual studio

Lesson Objectives-

  1. Using Visual Studio Windows Components such as Picture Boxes, Labels and Timers
  2. Using the Random Class to generate random numbers and assigning them to object locations
  3. Using multiple events in Visual Studio
  4. Speed up game once a condition has been met
  5. Keep score for catches and misses
  6. Animate object once the item is missed
  7. Creating restart functions for the game

Video Tutorial:

Download the Game Assets for Save The Eggs Project


One response to “C# Tutorial – Create a Save The Eggs Item Drop Game in Visual Studio”

  1. jay says:

    Can you make this in WPF please and also how would I implement the foreach loop as WPF does not have this.control. Any advise will help.

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