Website Dark Theme and GitHub Repository is here

Hi, MOO ICT website has been official updated with the new dark theme. You know we love the dark themes on Visual Studio and Visual Studio code so why not here too. Hopefully this will help you work on your projects without the screen glare. I know a lot of us work late nights and often long hours on the computer so having a dark theme on things is pretty much necessary right now. This website has gone through a few iterations in the past and hopefully I can continue to make some improvements where needed and some may be just because.

Another important update is that we have our own MOO ICT GitHub Repository right now where all of the projects from the MOO ICT YouTube channel is now updated there. In the future all of the new projects that we can share will be uploaded there along with the link in the videos and the website.  It does help to have the project files with you when you are programming sometimes it helps to see the project as is and build what you need from there.

Plans for the future –

We asked the community on YouTube a while ago what they wanted to see in the future and the responses were mainly towards Object Oriented Programming in C# and Visual Studio. I will be making some more video tutorials on OOP in C#, we taught a little bit of OOP on some of the projects but we wanted to make some of them that make it easier to follow and you can see how to work with inheritance, interfaces, passing values between classes, static variables, properties and polymorphism etc. It is a challenge to come up with projects that cover all of this so instead we will be making mini projects on stuff that uses some of them this way we will have something that works with the OOP principles and you can see how it can incorporate it in different types of projects.

I found the .Net Core programming, Xamarin framework and the new Microsoft MAUI framework very interesting, hopefully in the future I can make some projects to highlight their usage in a more grounded level. All of this is still in the planning phase, let us know your thoughts on this.

At the moment we have a lot of C# and WPF programming tutorials. We are working on some more Unity programming and Python projects which should be a good addition to the overall projects that are available. Hopefully you will find them useful and as always thank you for all of the support and happy programming everyone. Stay safe and healthy and we will see you on the next tutorial.



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