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C# Tutorial – Top Down Car Racing Game with Visual Studio

In this tutorial we are going to create a full top down car racing game.  The game principles are as the score goes up so does speed of the game, the is over once you hit another car. In this tutorial we are using Visual Studio and C# (sharp) programming language. We have pre designed the game assets and you can use your own but you need make sure they all have the same height and width.

In this tutorial you will learn –

  1. How to create a arcade game in C#
  2. How to identify the collision between multiple objects / picture boxes
  3. How to integrate key down and key up events into the windows form
  4. How to create a parallax scrolling background on windows form
  5. How to create a game level using visual studio component Panel
  6. How to dynamically change the images in the picture boxes
  7. How create and run functions
  8. How to use Booleans
  9. How to create a scoring system and reward the players appropriately
  10. How play WAV music file using only C#(Sharp) codes



Download all of resources for the top down car racing game visual studio and c#


One response to “C# Tutorial – Top Down Car Racing Game with Visual Studio”

  1. Vikito Zhimo says:

    Can i get the code of paused and resumes without losing the left and right arrow key controls over the player cars

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