C# Tutorial – Create a full space invaders game using Visual Studio

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a fully working space invaders using Visual Studio and C# programming language. There are many different ways to do this however we chose to create a simple game only using the windows component and no other libraries such as DirectX, XNA or MonoGame. This tutorial is aimed at the beginner programmers who are looking for a fun way to learn different aspects of programming in C# and test out the limits of Visual Studio.

Updated –New tutorial on how to create a space invaders game in WPF C# and Visual Studio

Learning Objectives –

  1. Create a fully working space invaders game
  2. Create multiple picture boxes and animate them using loops
  3. Dynamically create bullets and collide with other picture boxes on the form
  4. Dispose unused picture boxes from the form to reduce memory consumption
  5. Assign Keys to the player to move left or right
  6. Assign fire button and limit it to fire per press instead of holding down for infinite bullets
  7. Create an outcome of winning and losing the game
  8. An introduction to the complicated world of FOR EACH LOOP, we have 3 loops running actively in this game to help you understand the game mechanics better its all explained in detail.

Video tutorial for a space invaders style game in windows form and C#

Download the Space Invaders Images Here
Download Space Invaders Project on GitHub

Start New Project In Visual Studio – Choose C# Windows Form Application – Name it SpaceInvaders and Click OK.

Click on the empty form and apply the following options to the properties Windows.

This is the properties window; this window is available for all the visual studio components.

Change size to 700, 500 and Text to Space Invaders

These are images we will be using for the game. The basic idea of the space invaders game is to have multiple enemies on top of the screen and they will gradually come down on the screen. The player will use the space bar to shoot the enemies on the top. Player will also be able to move the TANK image left or right of the form.

C:\Users\Anhar Ali\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\inavders.pngInvader ImageC:\Users\Anhar Ali\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\tank.pngTank Image for the plaerC:\Users\Anhar Ali\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\bullet.pngBullet image

Now lets add the main components of the game. We will use Picture Boxes, Label and Timer for this game.

First add a picture box to the form.

Click on the little triangle on the top of the picture

Click on choose image

Tick on the project resource file and click on import

Select all of them and click on open

Select the Tank for the picture box and click OK

Apply the following changes to the properties window below –

Make the changes in the properties window. If your properties window looks different than simply click on the A-Z button on top and it will organise it alphabetically.

(Name) = player

Location = 271, 411

Size = 50, 50

SizeMode = Stretch Image

Lets add one more picture boxes to the screen.

This one will be used for the invaders. We will be making multiple copies of it afterwards but for now we need to set up the initial space invaders object.

Change the following in the picture box 2 properties

Change the image to the space invaders image (use the same steps as you did before, but this time you will not need to import the images again, simply click on change images and it will have all 3 in the list.), Location to 622, 12, Size to 50, 50, Size mode to Stretch Image and TAG to invaders.

TAG is very important since we will have multiple invaders on the screen we will need to have a method to identify them in the game. So in this case we can use the TAG option. Do not miss out this step for this game.

The bullet picture box we will create dynamically through the code so we don’t need to add it the screen manually.

Since one of the space invaders has been set up we can now copy and paste it so it looks like this.

Now we have 12 invaders on the screen. They all have the same picture, size and tags.

Now we will need a label and a timer for the games GUI.

Click on the … three dots button to the right

This box will come up, now change the font style to BOLD and size to 12.

Change the text option in the properties window to Score: 00.

Place the label on the corner of the screen.

Find a timer object on the tool box and drag and drop it to the form.

Make the following changes to it on the properties window

Enabled = True (meaning when the form starts running the timer will automatically start from the beginning)

Interval = 20 (all of the code inside the timer function will run every 20 milliseconds)

Click on the little lighting bolt near the form properties window. This is the events list window. We need to add two different events directly to the form. Key Down and Key Up.

Once you find them both type keyisdown for the Key down Event and press enter. This will take you into the code view, no problem come back to the design view and find the Key up event and type keyisup. Come back to the form design view and with those two events done lastly double click on the timer object on the form it will add its own function to the code.

Above is the events and code so far all of which are entered by visual studio. We have our keyisdown and keyisup also we have the timer1_tick function which was added after we have double clicked on the timer1 object on the form.

These are the global variables we have entered in the code.

bool goleft – this is a Boolean which can only store true or false. The idea for this one is if the left is pressed then we change it to TRUE also we will set up its own IF Statement in the timer function to trigger the movement of the player. It helps us keep the code logical .

bool goright – this has the same purpose as go left but only with the right button.

int speed – this is a single integer which contains the value 5 inside it. This will be used to set the speed of the invaders on screen.

int score – this integer will contain the score. When we hit an invader we will get one point and then we will add that one point to this integer.

bool isPressed – this Boolean is created so we can stop players from spamming the shooting button. The idea is we want the player to only shoot once per pressing of the space bar. This Boolean will help us reduce the spamming of bullets on the screen.

int totalEnemies = this integer is holding how many enemies we have on the screen. Right now, we have 12 enemies so I set it to 12.

int playerSpeed = this integer holds the value 6. We want to move our player left to right at 6 pixels each time we press left or right.

Notice the highlighted code above. In the key is pressed event once the left key is pressed we set the Boolean goleft to true and same for the goright Boolean.

In the keyisup event when the player released the left button we can change it back to false and same for the right button.

Notice we haven’t put in the space key yet. Don’t worry that will be coming soon.

Lets look at the timer function Add the following code in to it.

The highlighted code is checking whether the goleft or goright variable is turning true and if the are we allow the player move left or right.

In C# every object has the option LEFT we can determine where the player is and from there we can change the position with a custom number or variable.

Left is -= minus equals to player speed. So the player will move closer to the left border

Right is += plus equals to player speed and the player object will move further away from the left border.

Try it.

Going Left Going Right

Now we need to make an independent function called make bullet. The idea is when the space bar is pressed we will call this function and it will add a new bullet to the screen.

Lets make a new function called make bullet

Lets explain from the TOP.

private void makeBullet()


This is where the function starts, now we need to make sure that its not inside any other function. Make sure there is } final curly brackets to determine where the function ends.

PictureBox bullet = new PictureBox();This line is creating a new instance of the Picture Box class. We are basically making a new virtual bullet picture box.

bullet.Image = Properties.Resources.bullet; The bullet image which we have imported into the resources earlier is being called here. Once the bullet is created we are assigning the bullet image for the picture box.

bullet.Size = new Size(5, 20); Now we are giving this bullet a size. We want it to have 5 width and 20height. That’s the size of the image.

bullet.Tag = “bullet”; We are getting the tag for the bullet as bullet. This is very important because we will be searching tags to find it when the game is running.

bullet.Left = player.Left + player.Width / 2; When the space is pressed we want to the bullet to appear middle of the tank. So we are calculating the left of the player and the width then divide that by 2. This will give us the dead centre of the picture box.

bullet.Top = player.Top – 20; Same as the left we are setting up the top of the picture to appear a little over the tank and not on it. So we ware reducing 20 pixels from the top of the bullet.

this.Controls.Add(bullet); we are calling the main parent of the form which is THIS.CONTROLS it will automatically add the picture box to the form.

bullet.BringToFront(); now since it’s a picture box it can sometimes get behind other picture box on the form. Lets use Bring to Front function to bring it front of other objects on the screen.

Finally we use the last } to end the function

Now we need to make the game over function.

Make another function called game over

in the function above its going to stop the timer and then show game over on the label 1.

Look back at the key down function and add the following

We have discussed the key is down function before but now we entered the space button functions inside it. Lets see IF the space bar is pressed AND (&&) is pressed Boolean is false. We are using a short hand code to specify when the Boolean is false. For example if it was shown as if(isPressed) { } this means it will run only when the Boolean is true, however if we put an exclamation mark in front it then it will only run when the statement if salse !isPressed. We can also do it like this
If (isPressed == false) { }.
Once the button is pressed and the conditions are met we then change the false isPressed to true and run the makeBullet() function.

In this function we are checking when the keys are if isPressed Boolean is true then we simply change it back to false. This will stop the players from spamming the space bar by holding it down and throwing our infinite bullets.

In the code on the left we have entered the new features of in the timer function.

First we are running a foreach loop. Inside the loop we are giving the condition to loop through all of the controls in the form.
The loop always starts with the open curly brackets {
Then we are stating an if statement, in the statement we are looking for x variable which we declared on the loop earlier to see is X is a type of picture box and it has the tag of “invader”. Remember when it was mentioned the picture boxes tags are important, this is why.When we have found the picture boxes tagged invaders then we need to check if they collide with the player if so then we can call the game over function.

((PictureBox)x).Left += speed;
This line allows the picture boxes (invaders) to move to the right when the game starts

if (((PictureBox)x).Left > 720)
If the picture boxes are over the edge on the right meaning if the picture boxes left property is more 720 pixels

((PictureBox)x).Top += ((PictureBox)x).Height + 10;

Then we can move them down by their height
((PictureBox)x).Left = -50;
And reset their position off the screen to the left so they can come back again.

Make sure you count the closing curly brackets because if have opened a main for loop, initial if and the if inside that one so there should be 3 closing brackets minus the closing brackets for timer function.

Run the game now see what happens

Enemies moving down

Bullets are appearing when the space bar in pressed, but they are not moving up. We will add that function later.

When the enemy picture boxes bump into the player picture box the game over is coming up and the whole game stops.

So far so good for us.

Now we need to animate the bullets going up when they are fired. Add the following code inside of the timer event.

In the same timer function, under the animation loop we will enter a second loop which will identify, animate and dispose the bullets from the screen.

foreach (Control y in this.Controls)
Once again we run the for loop in this case we can use y instead of x.
if (y is PictureBox && y.Tag == “bullet”)
This timer we are checking if y is a picture box and its tag is bullet.

If so
y.Top -= 20;
We can animate the bullet by moving it up by 20 pixels per trigger.

if (((PictureBox)y).Top < this.Height – 490)
If the bullet reaches top of the form

We can safely remove it from the form.

Try running the code now with the new loop inside it.

Fire away. Bullets are moving up and they are disappearing when they reaches top of the form.

Now it gets a little complicated. In order for the bullet and invaders to collide we cannot use the bullet.bounds.intersectsWith(invader.bounds)
Because they both exist in two different loops and we cannot interrupt from the outside of the loop.

foreach (Control i in this.Controls)
So we are creating a new loop this time calling I variable with the controls
foreach (Control j in this.Controls)
Then we are declaring another loop inside the one before after the opening curly brackets off course.
if (i is PictureBox && i.Tag == “invader”)
Now we are identifying the invaders by checking if i is a type of picture box and then if they have the tag of invader.
if (j is PictureBox && j.Tag == “bullet”)
now we are identifying the bullets by checking if j is a type of picture box and j has tag of bullet.
if (i.Bounds.IntersectsWith(j.Bounds))
Now we can check I which is the invaders if they collider with J which is the bullet
Then we increase the score by 1.
Now we remove the i meaning we remove the invader which was hit.
Now remove the bullet that hit the invader

} this closing curly bracket is the bounds if statement

} this closing curly bracket is for the bullet if statement

} this closing curly bracket is the for invaders if statement

} this closing curly bracket is for the bullet loop

} this closing curly bracket is for the invader loop

Ohh yea

We are almost at the end of the timer function.

Here we are changing the label1 text with the score.

In the if statement we are checking we killed all of the aliens from the screen then we can run the game over function.

At the end it will show a message box that says you saved earth.

One more left, shoot this guy and win the game.

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