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C# Tutorial – Create a full space invaders game using Visual Studio

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a fully working space invaders using Visual Studio and C# programming language. There are many different ways to do this however we chose to create a simple game only using the windows component and no other libraries such as DirectX, XNA or MonoGame. This tutorial is aimed at the beginner programmers who are looking for a fun way to learn different aspects of programming in C# and test out the limits of Visual Studio.

Updated –New tutorial on how to create a space invaders game in WPF C# and Visual Studio

Learning Objectives –

  1. Create a fully working space invaders game
  2. Create multiple picture boxes and animate them using loops
  3. Dynamically create bullets and collide with other picture boxes on the form
  4. Dispose unused picture boxes from the form to reduce memory consumption
  5. Assign Keys to the player to move left or right
  6. Assign fire button and limit it to fire per press instead of holding down for infinite bullets
  7. Create an outcome of winning and losing the game
  8. An introduction to the complicated world of FOR EACH LOOP, we have 3 loops running actively in this game to help you understand the game mechanics better its all explained in detail.


Video tutorial for a space invaders style game in windows form and C#


Download the Space Invaders Images Here



One response to “C# Tutorial – Create a full space invaders game using Visual Studio”

  1. Kazumi says:

    Outside of a few spelling mistakes and a couple grammatical errors, it seems like a good enough little program. Will be coming back and referencing

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