C# Tutorial – Make a Video Player App in Windows Form Application

In this tutorial we will make our own media player app. We made a tutorial on how to load all of the pictures from a folder and turn it into a slide show before, this time I wanted to make an app that loads all of the video files as MP4, MKV and WEBM to a list and plays them automatically one by one. I found this app very helpful when I was backing up my phone. it had all of the videos and the pictures together so I had a way to see all of the video files in the folder without sort of going through the thousands of files.  This application uses the Windows Media Player controls, .Net Framework with C# to work. This tutorial will show you how to make this app step by step and hopefully you can make your own version of this media player.

Lesson objectives –

  1. How to make a media player with a playlist using windows form and C# programming
  2. Import media player controls to the tool box
  3. Use list box, labels, menu strips and media player to make this app
  4. Use System.IO to read external files, get paths, get directory
  5. Use Lists to filter through media files only and store them in the list
  6. Use the list event to change the videos playing on the media player


Full Source Code –


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