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C# Tutorial – Create a simple punch out boxing game in visual studio

In this tutorial we will be making something very exciting. Classic Mike Tyson Punch Out was one of my most favourite game on my old school Nintendo and I loved playing it.  This was a difficult tutorial to get off the ground because most of the algorithm for the game had to be written ground up and made simple so it’s easier for a beginner to pick up and start learning. In this tutorial we will learn how to create a simple punch out game where you the player will be boxing it out with the Tough Rob the opponent.  Both characters have their own health bars and can block attacks from their opponents. For this tutorial we are going to use Visual Studio 2017, Windows Form Application using the Visual C# programming language. You can use any version of visual studio to follow this tutorial because we are not going to use any external classes or game engines to make this punch out game.

Lesson Objectives –

  1. Create a simple punch out game in visual studio using c# programming language
  2. Using progress bars to show the health of player and opponent
  3. Using Selection to determine the hit test between player and opponent
  4. Using LIST to create variety of moves for the opponent which is controlled by the CPU
  5. Using Picture Boxes and Resources to show dynamic images for the player and the opponent
  6. Determining the who won the round and who lost the round using integers linked to the progress bars
  7. Using Key Down and Key Up events to control the player

Download the punch out boxing game images here



One response to “C# Tutorial – Create a simple punch out boxing game in visual studio”

  1. Jean Melkovsky says:

    I didn’t understand how you managed to change the color of the progress bar. Whatever I do, it is still green, and whatever I read they say things like “The standard progress bar does not support changing colors”, which actually seems to be the case. Of course, I can write my own progress bar manually, but I would like to know how come the line “playerLife.ForeColor = Color.Blue;” works for you while it doesn’t for me)))

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