C# Tutorial – Create a simple PAC MAN game in Visual Studio

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a simple pac man game in visual studio using the c# programming. There lots of PAC MAN clones around the web, we wanted to create something very simple and which does not rely on other game development libraries such as XNA, MONOGAME or DIRECTX. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a basic PAC MAN game only using the Visual Studio Components such as picture boxes,  labels and timers.

Learning Objectives –

  1. Using Animated GIFs in Picture Boxes
  2. Using collision detection for AI and for Player object
  3. Using Key DOWN and UP events to control movement
  4. Using TIMER object to animate and keep track of objects on the screen
  5. Using Collision detection to collect points and to remove that object from the scene
  6. Using a LOOP and object tag property to identify and interact with them


Full Video Tutorial –

Download the pacman game images here
Download Pac Man Game Project on GitHub

C# Tutorial – Create a simple PAC MAN game in Visual Studio

start a new project

Choose windows form application (visual C#)

Name it missPACMAN and Click OK

In the form properties change the following
SIze – 625, 570
Text – Miss PACMAN
Since we are going to use the miss pacman animated gif in the game its only fitting that we name it Miss Pacman.

Notice after doing the above the size of the form and title text will change.

Rules of the Game –

  1. Player can move up down left and right
  2. Player will collect coins – collect all coin and you WIN the game
  3. Player cannot touch Wall or Ghost. If they do GAME OVER
  4. 2 (Red and Yellow)ghost will have static left to right movement
  5. 1 (PINK) ghost will have a random movement which will scale across the form.
  6. When the game is over there will be a game over text or when the player won the game it will show You WIN.

Since we have a player who can move left right up and down, therefore we have created a pac man image which is rotated left right up and down. This is the main reason we picked Miss Pacman because she has a bow and beauty spot which is distinctive enough to recognise which way is which.

Pacman GIF is the sequence of images below

They will all play together, and making it look like the games original player.

Game Assets Description
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\images\pac-man-images-mooict\Up.gif This is the up directional image we named this file up.GIF since they all are animated GIF files. Download the resource from above the tutorial or get it from MOOICT.COM
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\images\pac-man-images-mooict\down.gif This is the down directional image named down.GIF
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\images\pac-man-images-mooict\Left.gif This is the right directional image named right.GIF
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\images\pac-man-images-mooict\Right.gif This is the left directional image named left.GIF
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\images\pac-man-images-mooict\yellow_guy.gif This is the orange ghost
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\images\pac-man-images-mooict\coins.gif This is the rotating coin

This image will be multiplied and spread across the form. Once the player has collected them all they win the game.

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\images\pac-man-images-mooict\pink_guy.gif This is the crazy pink ghost who will haunt your dreams.
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\images\pac-man-images-mooict\red_guy.gif This is the red ghost image.

Making The walls

We will be using 5 picture boxes for the walls.

Find the picture box component in the tool box and drag and drop it to the form.

In the properties window of the picture box find the option BackColor and change it to MidNight Blue.

There is also a very important option called TAG. Enter wall for this option. Make sure its lower case.

now copy and paste it 4 times until it looks like below

Now its time to make the ghosts.

Drag and drop another picture box to the screen.

Change the size to 36, 38, Size mode to stretch image and tag to ghost.

Now we need to import all of the images from our assets folder to the project. In order to do so, click on the small triangle on the top right corner of the small picture box and click on Choose Image.

Make sure the project resource file is selected and click on IMPORT

Once you clicked on import find the folder with all of the images in it.

Select all images and click OPEN

Select the red guy from the image list. and CLICK OK

Make a copy of the red guy, follow the same steps to change it to the yellow guy and place him between the bottom walls.

Now we have two ghosts, time for the crazy pink one. Now you can make the final copy of the ghost and change the image to the pink ghost.

All done placing the ghosts, now its time to make some changes to the properties of the ghost picture boxes.

Click on the red guy first

change name option in the properties window to redGhost

Click on the yellow guy

change the name in the properties window to yellowGhost

Now on the pink guy

change the name in the properties window to pinkGhost

Now to create the pac man

Drag and drop a new picture box to the form. Click on it and change the following in the properties window

Name it pacman

size — 40,40 and size mode stretch image.

Change the image to right

Click OK.

Good thing we imported all of them AM I RIGHT.

Finally we need to create the coin

Once again drag and drop another picture box to the form.

Change the size to 20,20. Change the size mode to Stretch Image and apply a tag “coin” to this picture box.

Select the coin image and Click OK

now you can copy and paste as many coins as you like. let’s do 30.

This will do.

Now we need to two labels to the form.

Click on label 1 and check the properties window for the FONT option. Click on the … three dots to the right.

It will open this window and apply these changes to Label 1

BOLD and Size 12 CLICK ok

Now click on Label 2 and apply the following changes


Now for the final component TIMER

Find the timer component in the tool box

Drag and drop the timer on the form.

Click on the Timer and apply the changes, Enabled TRUE and Interval to 20.

Adding Events to the game

Click on the form and look at the form properties window.

Click on the lightning bolt icon on the form.

Find the key down and key up events and type in the following event names. Each time you type in the name it will take you to the code view, make sure to come back to the design view and type the keyisup event.

We need one more event for our game and its not in the list here.

Double click on the timer icon on bottom of the form.

Double click this

We have 3 total events in this now, keyisdown, keyisup and timer1_Tick

Add the code above the Form1() function. These are the global variables we will need for this game.

bool goup is a Boolean. This can either be true or false. There are 4 Booleans all together, we are going to use them to detect whether the player should go in one of 4 directions.

int speed is the speed integer. This variable contains numbers and it only holds the number 5. This will be used as the speed which our player moves across the game.

int ghost1 is the red ghosts speed. int ghost2 is the yellow ghost speed. Since they will only move in one direction we don’t two variables for them.

int ghost3x is the X direction or horizontal directional speed for the pink ghost.

int ghost2y is the Y direction or vertical directional speed for the pink ghost.

int score is the integer which will keep track of the score in which the player collections the coins and it will increase by 1. We gave it default value of 0.

label2.visible = false;

This line above is big label we added earlier, this will show when the game is over, either when the player touched the wall or the ghosts or when the player collected all of the coins.

KEYISDOWN function

In this function we are tracking 4 keys. Up, down, let and right. When either of these keys are pressed by the user we change the directional images of pacman dynamically so resemble the movement.

IF key code is LEFT
Go left is set to true
Change pac man image to LEFT

IF key code is RIGHT
Go right is set to true
Change pac man image to RIGHT

IF key code is UP
Go up is set to true
Change pac man image to UP

IF key code is DOWN
Go down is set to true
Change pac man image to down

Make sure you pay attention to the if statement curly brackets

IF (condition goes here)
{ <– open curly bracket
Instructions here
} <– close curly bracket


KEYISUP function

In this key up function we are checking for the left, right, up and down keys again.
Once the user has pressed them and left them we can turn those Booleans to false.

The idea is PACMAN should only move when the keys are down not up.

TIMER1_TICK function


private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)


label1.Text = “Score: ” + score;

// show the score on the board

This is the timer function. This is the main function or event that makes our game run.

First we are going to link the score integer to the label 1. We are calling label 1 text property and adding the score variable to it. So when the player gets a point it will update it.

//player movement codes start

if (goleft)


pacman.Left -= speed;

//moving player to the left.


if (goright)


pacman.Left += speed;

//moving player to the right


if (goup)


pacman.Top -= speed;

//moving to the top


if (godown)


pacman.Top += speed;

//moving down


//player movements code end

This is where the player is moving. The reason we used Booleans is because when the Boolean is true we can move the player and when its false it will stop.

To go left we are going to set the pacmans left property of the picture box minus equals to the speed variable.

By taking away the 5 each time the timer runs from left of the picture box we are going to dynamically move it towards the left of the screen. Thats why we are using -= sign.

To go to the right we are going to plus equals to speed variable.

To go up we are using the pacmans top property and taking away 5 each time it runs. The speed variable contains the number 5.

To go down we are adding 5 each time it runs.

//moving ghosts and bumping with the walls

redGhost.Left += ghost1;

yellowGhost.Left += ghost2;

Got the red ghost and yellow ghost we are assigning a += to their respective variable.
// if the red ghost hits the picture box 4 then we reverse the speed

if (redGhost.Bounds.IntersectsWith(pictureBox4.Bounds))


ghost1 = -ghost1;


// if the red ghost hits the picture box 3 we reverse the speed

else if (redGhost.Bounds.IntersectsWith(pictureBox3.Bounds))


ghost1 = -ghost1;


Since we want the ghosts to bump into the wall and go the other way we are going to use the bounds property. With this we can check if the ghost hit the wall and we will change the positive ghost1 variable to negative ghost1 variable so it will go left instead of right after it hit the wall.
// if the yellow ghost hits the picture box 1 then we reverse the speed

if (yellowGhost.Bounds.IntersectsWith(pictureBox1.Bounds))


ghost2 = -ghost2;


// if the yellow chost hits the picture box 2 then we reverse the speed

else if (yellowGhost.Bounds.IntersectsWith(pictureBox2.Bounds))


ghost2 = -ghost2;


//moving ghosts and bumping with the walls end

We are doing the same for the yellow ghost. Once it hits the wall we will change the positive variable to negative and so on.
//for loop to check walls, ghosts and points

foreach (Control x in this.Controls)


if (x is PictureBox && x.Tag == “wall” || x.Tag == “ghost”)


// checking if the player hits the wall or the ghost, then game is over

if (((PictureBox)x).Bounds.IntersectsWith(pacman.Bounds) || score == 30)


pacman.Left = 0;

pacman.Top = 25;

label2.Text = “GAME OVER”;

label2.Visible = true;




if (x is PictureBox && x.Tag == “coin”)


//checking if the player hits the points picturebox then we can add to the score

if (((PictureBox)x).Bounds.IntersectsWith(pacman.Bounds))


this.Controls.Remove(x); //remove that point

score++; // add to the score




// end of for loop checking walls, points and ghosts.

First we are running a foreach loop. Inside the loop we are giving the condition to loop through all of the controls in the form.

The loop always starts with the open curly brackets {

Then we are stating an if statement, in the statement we are looking for x variable which we declared on the loop earlier to see is X is a type of picture box and it has the tag of “wall” OR “ghost”. Remember when it was mentioned the picture boxes tags are important, this is why.

Instead of listing through all of the picture boxes we are going to loop through all of them. Using a loop we can do more with less code.

If we hit any of the wall or ghost then we are re-arranging the pac mans position (left and top) and stopping the timer, then we are showing that GAME OVER text on the label 2.

We are also checking if the player has collected all of the coins and scored equals to 30.

To check if the player has hit one of the coins on screen we are doing the same. We check if the player bounds intersects with coins then we remove that coin from the display and add one to screen.

//ghost 3 going crazy here

pinkGhost.Left += ghost3x;

pinkGhost.Top += ghost3y;

This is the crazy PINK ghost. The last two ghosts will go horizontally only but this one will bump across the whole screen. When we start we are increasing the LEFT and TOP.
//ghost 3 bumping against the walls and form borders

if (pinkGhost.Left < 1 ||

pinkGhost.Left + pinkGhost.Width > ClientSize.Width – 2 ||

(pinkGhost.Bounds.IntersectsWith(pictureBox4.Bounds)) ||

(pinkGhost.Bounds.IntersectsWith(pictureBox3.Bounds)) ||

(pinkGhost.Bounds.IntersectsWith(pictureBox1.Bounds)) ||



ghost3x = -ghost3x;


In this LONG if statement we are checking whether the PINK ghost hits edge of screen OR the far end of the screen OR picture box 4 OR picture box 3 OR picture box 1 OR picture box 2 then we change the x direction of the PINK ghost.
if (pinkGhost.Top < 1 || pinkGhost.Top + pinkGhost.Height > ClientSize.Height – 2)


ghost3y = -ghost3y;


// end of the crazy ghost movements


In this statement we are checking if the pink ghost hits the top or the bottom of the screen then we are bumping off the screen when it does.

Final Result

Its working. Happy Coding.

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  1. mc zenun says:

    I have already adopted the codes, but suddenly, pacman did not move and I don’t know why . Can you please help me ?

  2. Anhar Ali says:

    Hiya, check if the timer is enabled also check if you have linked the key down and key up events to the form.

  3. Perke says:

    Hi , i have a problem ,whenever i start the project it just says it’s GAME OVER , it doesn’t move anything , Can you please help me?

  4. Narius says:

    In case the pacman does not move, you have to start the time. For example you cand put this timer1.Start(); aftert private void keyisdown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)

  5. rutger says:

    So i’ve learned console.readkey. Ive added a while loop after timer stop. However I’m wondering if you would be able to show how a restart button is added in to this.

  6. Andrew Oconnor says:

    Typo in file name down should be Down but img is labels wrong

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    I am having errors in my code on the for each statement and after that too. what should i do?

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    my pacman only goes left or up and he doesn’t eat the coins?

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