WPF C# Tutorial – Create a space battle shooter game in Visual Studio

Full Source C# for the Space Shooter Game Tutorial in WPF-

Below are all of the code and logic for the space shooter game in WPF. XAML code for this project is available on the first page so this is the C# script that makes the game work in the background. The green lines are all comments so you can use them or dispose them if you wish. One of the important programming principle is that you comment on the code. if you are using this as a course work please make sure you use your own comments and change the project to your requirement and not submit this as your own work.

Leave a comment for us to see how you got on with the project, we will be very pleased to read your comments.


4 responses to “WPF C# Tutorial – Create a space battle shooter game in Visual Studio”

  1. Daniel Rymes says:

    Having difficulties with URI definition. The original version failed during the build. Code compiled fine after replacing with relative version: new Uri(@"../images/player.png", UriKind.Relative). However, app is breaking, because it can’t find the image in …\bin\Debug\images\purple.png.

    Wondering if the issue could be related to URI syntax of if something’s wrong with the build process (e.g. missing/wrong item csproj). Any fix suggestions?

  2. Anhar Ali says:

    Hi Daniel, you made the images folder inside the debug folder. This folder needs to be in the main application directory. In page 1 of the tutorial it shows how to make the folder inside the solutions explorer, and then you can import the images into it.

  3. David Macák says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I am new to C# and WPF and just found your fantastic web and your tutorials. I like this style of tutorials where you actually make something useful and fun. I made this and learned a lot by writing the code myself rather than ctrl+v.

    Also after limit = 20; it gets much harder 😀

  4. Hi Mr. Moo says:

    Well done thank you for all the education to the internet!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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