Unity Tutorial- creating a third person game in Unity

This will form a group of resources and tutorials that, when brought together will give you all the skills needed to complete a third person shooter game. There’s a whole load of different skills involved and a lot of the skills transfer to elsewhere, these include;

  • Terrain Generation
  • Importing Assets
  • Player Input and movement
  • Enemy and AI movement
  • Collisons, triggers and raycasts leading to interaction
  • In game UIs
  • Much more!

The tutorial doesn’t assume much knowledge regarding programming and whilst we can’t cover everything we will attempt to cover most of the basics.


The tutorials comprise:

  1. Setting up Unity and the basics of the editor/ where you can find help and advice
  2. Creating a Basic scene in Unity and Player Movement
  3. Creating Enemies, including basic AI
  4. Damaging Shooting and Interaction- including colliders, triggers and raycasts
  5. Creating an in-game UI
  6. Navmeshes and More AI Movement
  7. Minimaps and other viewpoints
  8. Models and Animations
  9. Spawning Characters

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