C# Tutorial – Math’s Quiz Game in Windows Form Application and Visual Studio Version 1

In this tutorial we will make a classic math’s game. This tutorial will cover much more than just how to program. it will go over the visual studio environment again so hopefully it will be a good refresher on how to properly work with Visual Studio and Windows Form. We will be using C# programming language to make this program.


Lesson objective –

  1. Create a classic math’s game in Visual Studio using windows form application
  2. Generate random sums and ask the user to input the result
  3. Limit the result text box to only enter numbers and no letters are allowed as a input
  4. Click the check button to see if the answer is correct or incorrect
  5. Both correct and incorrect scores are saved and displayed on the form


Video Tutorial


Full Source Code –


Comment on this tutorial and let us know how you got on -

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