C# Tutorial – Load all images from a folder Slide Show

In this tutorial we will create yet another slide show tutorial using visual studio and C#. This slide show has a twist to go with it. We will create a simple slide show that can load all image files from a folder and use a timer to change the image every 3 seconds. We have created slide shows that we need to define the file name and type where in this one we can just select a folder and C# will do the rest.  This tutorial can be used for any folder in your computer. Make sure you test the application in the end.

Lesson outcomes

  1. Create a timer slide show in C#
  2. Using folder browsing dialog in C#
  3. How to use array in C#
  4. How to load image files from a folder into an Array in C#
  5. How to show directory in a text label
  6. How to dynamically change button text
  7. How to use if statements in C#

Full code for this project is on the next page.

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