Flappy Bird Maker – Learning how to code by coding flappy bird

This software is created for educational purposes, I created this Flappy Bird Maker to make it easy for people who are new to programming to get a head start by understanding simple and short programming commands which makes the game run.

This application will allow users to create a simple Flappy bird game without using Visual Studio because some systems do not have it installed. This application will allow users to enter code directly and then to run the program interactively without using any other dependent software.



Download the Flappy Bird Maker

This program comes with several features which are –

  • Able to choose a different bird
  • Storyboard and wireframe of the game is available in the game
  • Each line of code is presented above the boxes
  • Boxes will turn between red and green, red: code is wrong check the line above, green: code is correct move to the next line of code
  • Once all the lines are green you can play game
  • Press SPACE to jump the bird or Press R button to set the game

This is a free portable application created using C# in Visual Studio 2010. You can follow the full tutorial on how to create a Flappy bird game on our website.

Happy Coding.

Moo Out.

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