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C# Tutorial – Create a Fighter Jet Shooting Game

Welcome to this exciting game tutorial. In this tutorial we will be using Microsoft Visual Studio with C# to create a simple fighter jet shooting game. We have the images ready for you to use within the assets at below however you can use your images if you please. Since we will be using positions and pixel perfect movements we would recommend you use our images to start with.  In this tutorial you will be using keyboard to control the player and shoot at enemies. We will keep the total score of the game and show it on the screen.

Lesson objectives –

  1. Create a simple keyboard controlled game using keyboard events
  2. Use of Booleans, strings and integers
  3. Using bounds and hit test in C#
  4. Calculating two objects colliding with each other
  5. Removing images from display and re animating them
  6. Keeping score in the game
  7. Illustrating shooting bullets
  8. Using the timer event to animate all objects on the screen
  9. Using multiple enemies in the display
  10. End the game and reset all components
  11. Show the score and reset the game for the player to play again

Download the fighter jet games tutorial resources here – Full Code for the game is on Page 2


Full Video Tutorial –



Go to Page 2 for full source code of the jet fighting game

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