Getting started with python and pycharm tutorial

Welcome to the first Python programming tutorial. In this tutorial we will focus on getting python installed and also installing the Pycharm IDE to help us run python files we will be creating using the other tutorials. This will be starting point for us with Python programming language.  This language is very easy to learn and many schools and colleges get their students started on programming from here.

You will need to download two different programs make python work

1) Python itself any version of python will do 3.x or 2.x

2) Pycharm Free Community Edition the programming IDE for python language.

Many people dont use Pycharm and thats OK. If you are comfortable with anything else you can still use thoes with the tutorials from MooICT.

Learning outcomes from this tutorial:

  1. How to install Python
  2. How to install Pycharm
  3. How to configure Pycharm with Python programming language
  4. Write your first project in PyCharm + Python
  5. Run the program

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