C# Tutorial – Create a Meme Maker

Welcome to this exciting new tutorial. In this tutorial we will learn how to make a meme maker using C#. This will be a lengthy tutorial as we have much to discuss and learn. I would recommend you go through a few other basic C# tutorials before trying this one because of the terminologies might not be familiar to you. I have tried my best to make this as simple as possible for everyone to understand. The full code for this project is available in the second page. You will need to understand how we have laid out the program and made it work through this step by step tutorial.



Lesson outcomes:

  1. How to create a simple open dialog box and select files in c#
  2. How to dynamically load assets (images) in picture boxes, labels and text boxes
  3. How to use the bitmap class
  4. How to use the graphics class in c#
  5. How to successfully implement the TRY, CATCH and USING condition in C#
  6. How to create a simple save dialog box in C#
  7. How to filter open dialog box to look for images only
  8. How to filter save dialog box to only save file as images
  9. How to catch and show error to user in c#
  10. Finally how to make fun Memes

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