Quiz: Get to Know Visual Studio – Test your knowledge

Welcome to the new feature of MOO ICT. Quizzes yay!! This new feature will help you to enhance your understanding of the project or any other topic in a more interactive and educational way. To start off I made a simple quiz for visual studio here, not all questions are very technical its just used to give you a refresher on visual studio is you haven’t used it before or you haven’t used it in a while. See how the quiz works out for you and feel free to share the results anywhere you want to. We will be very happy if you can let us know any specific topic or quiz you need. Have fun with this one.

Note – this is a test quiz, to check the functionalities of the quiz engine we are using. Not all of the functions are implemented yet, stay tuned for more quizzes coming soon.


#1. What does the Visual Studio Application do?

#2. Which of the following framework do we use the most for MOO ICT Tutorials?


Hey you, thanks for taking part in this quiz, you did very well. Take a look at some of the tutorials for C# and Visual Studio Game Dev Tutorials right here.

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