Demo- Spaceinvaders

This is the game produced in the spaceinvaders tutorial. Caution: may take a minute or so to load on slower connections.

Demo – Binary Bash Game

This game was created to help teach the basics of Binary, it’s been tested accessible for all manner of ages and abilities but if there […]

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Unity tutorial- Space Invaders in Unity

This tutorial will teach you to create a basic space invaders like game in Unity, waves of enemies descending down shooting at you. Lesson outcomes: Creatinv […]

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Theory tutorial – Computer RAM

Computer RAM Computer RAM (or Random Access Memory) is one of the most integral parts of any computer system, from your PC to games console, […]

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Visual Basic Tutorial – Create a calculator app

Welcome to this tutorial of Visual Basic. We will create a simple calculator app in Visual Studio 2010 using Visual basic programming language. We have […]

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Theory Tutorial – How to create a use case diagram

This tutorial will show how to create simple USE CASE Diagram. In simple term use case diagrams show how a system behaves while being used […]

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Theory Tutorial – How to create a Flow chart

This tutorial will explain the basics of creating a flow chart. Its important that we understand the main principles of flow charts in computer science […]

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Krita tutorial – create a simple line drawing

Here we will create a line drawing using the free software Krita. You can download this from If you have a graphics tablet, this will […]

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C# Tutorial Create an interest calculator

Welcome to this tutorial for C#. In this tutorial we will create a fully functional interest calculator using visual studio. You can use any version […]

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C# Tutorial – Load all images from a folder Slide Show

In this tutorial we will create yet another slide show tutorial using visual studio and C#. This slide show has a twist to go with […]