C# Tutorial – Create a YouTube Alarm Clock in Visual Studio

In this tutorial we will create a simple yet elegant YouTube alarm clock in Visual Studio using C# programming language. The main idea for this alarm clock is to use a custom GUI, transparent form and custom font in the application. We have our own custom font for this alarm clock and we will import it in for this application.  You can use any of your favourite YouTube videos to wake you up in the Morning, now isn’t that the dream.  We have created a simple GUI image for the application, download it from below to follow along with this tutorial.

Lesson Objective –

  1. Create a fully functional Alarm Clock in Visual Studio
  2. Use Custom GUI in the application
  3. Use Custom Fonts in the application
  4. Loading the font to the application and making dynamic changes to it
  5. Dynamically change the style of the fonts in C#
  6. Use a Date Picker Component in Visual Studio
  7. Checking the timer with the current time
  8. Loading YouTube videos to the web browser

Download the YouTube Alarm Clock GUI and Custom Font here. 


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