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Unity Tutorial- Creating a third person shooter in Unity – Part 3 Damaging, Shooting and interaction

Now we’ve got some enemies we need some interaction, our enemies can be made to damage us, us to damage them and also we can […]

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Creating a till system

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a till system using C#. You will need to have Visual Studio software installed to do […]

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Web Accessibility with HTML and JavaScript using HTML5 Local Storage

Welcome to this exciting new tutorial. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but just never got around to it due to poor […]

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Flappy Bird Maker – Learning how to code by coding flappy bird

This software is created for educational purposes, I created this Flappy Bird Maker to make it easy for people who are new to programming to […]

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Unity tutorial- adding Virtual buttons

Virtual buttons are everywhere nowadays, from mobile apps to touch screen optimised sites, they are now a key part of the UI toolkit. This tutorial […]

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C# Tutorial- Static variables and Objects

This tutorial creates a C# console application that demonstrates Static variables and, more importantly creating classes and objects in C#.   Lesson Objectives Create a […]

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Theory Tutorial- Programming Terms

Programming Terms We use a lot of terminology in Programming, this post aims to explain and link some of the programming terms we talk about […]

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Programming Data Types

Programming Data Types In this tutorial we will discuss the various data types available in programming and how they are used.  My biggest problem in […]

Packet Tracer: Client Server network

In this tutorial we will learn about client server networks and set up one such network.

Packet Tracer: Peer to Peer network

In this tutorial we will learn about peer to peer networks and set up two different kinds. One is a local network and one is […]