Frequently Asked Questions

What is moo ICT?

Moo ICT is an education website for students learning computing either in school, college or university.

Why teach computing?

Computing is huge subject and it needs to be explained easier than it has been and hopefully with some humour.

Which levels are covered?

Starting from Level 2 to HND level computing are covered in this website. Not all units might be present however a lot of detailed between units are often similar so do your research.

Why not cover level 1?

Level 1 computing is explained very well in schools and college. Level 1 is a foundation + confidence building level which is best left in the hands of you tutors.

Which programming language can we learn here?

C#, Visual Basic, Java script, HTML5 and other languages will be taught here. Follow the instructions on the tutorial and download the project files.

Will be the final project files be uploaded?

Yes. Each tutorial will have their own respected files included.

How do I use the tutorials?

Each tutorial is presented in a embedded format. There is a next and previous page button on the bottom of the embedded object. You can zoom in and out of the page too if required.

Where is the full code for the projects?

There is a page number is presented on bottom of the tutorials. You can go on page 2 for the full code of the project. The code if presented in appropriate format to help you understand.

Is there anything to buy?

Nope. There is nothing to buy from this website. All the tutorials and information provided are free. We may support ads to help us with the domain and server costs.